A day In The Life As A Cover Supervisor

Posted by on Jun 4th 2018

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Cover Supervisor day plan from am to pm

Below are general guidelines for the day(start to finish) of a cover supervisor:

You'll arrive at school between 8:00 – 8:30 generally (this may vary depending on school). Most schools upon arrival will have a 'Welcome Pack' which includes timings of the day, a map of the school, uniform and the school behaviour policy – familiarise yourself with this as this will be your guide for the day. You'll be met by the Cover/ Supply Manager who will give you a breakdown of the subject, names of lessons, rooms and teacher you are covering.

On the occasion you're asked to cover a form period/registration, bring pupils in, get them to sit in their chairs with their coats and bags off and ensure they are quiet before taking the register as this a legal requirement of the school and needs to be correct.Do a  head count after register taken to ensure correct number. Normally there will be a paper register for you to take, if not send a piece of paper around the class asking the pupils to write their names on and call them out allowing the pupils to leave as you do so. This again ensures you have everyone. Pick a pupil to send the register to the attendance office.

Form time - generally this is a time for you to get to know the pupils, ask them how there day has gone, get them to read a book, catch up on any work, or read any notices, talk to them regarding any relevant news events.

When arriving at lesson make sure all pupils line up outside of the classroom, with their coats and bags off. ensure all pupils are quiet before entering the room. Don’t be afraid to wait until they are quiet or ask for support from another teacher- this gives you control before you enter the room and sets the tone for the lesson.

Once you are in the lesson

Have a quick check to see if the teacher has left a seating plan if this is the case ask them to sit in it, if there is no seating plan ask them to sit boy-girl. If possible leave a seat free at the front of the room for any pupil that needs moving.

Ask pupils to get there equipment out along with planners/ diaries and while they're doing this have a look at the work left by the class teacher. Take class register. If there is no work left, ask a pupil to go to the nearest classroom (ensuring it is the same subject) and ask the teacher for work for the lesson, in the meantime to keep the pupils engaged do a recap of the previous lesson with the class.

If the work is there or has now arrived, distribute and resources to the class and go through the instructions yourself relating any relevant information to the pupils. Write any instructions on the board.

While pupils are working, don’t just sit behind the desk. Walk around the class; make sure the pupils are on task and working, and keep noise to a minimal or silent. Classroom/ behaviour management is a huge part of being a cover supervisor as you are not there to teach the lesson (as generally you are not a qualified teacher) you're there instead to guide them through the lesson.

How not to manage classroom behaviour

Classroom behaviour management

With regards to behaviour/classroom management, generally schools will use the 3 strike rule which means give any pupil who is rude, disruptive or not working two chances then after the third chance, move them or send them out (always make sure you tell them what they did wrong), if necessary leave a note for the class teacher. If need be, send the pupil to a neighbouring classroom but follow it up with the teacher in the classroom at the end of the lesson or a convenient time.

Allow 5 - 10 mins at the end of the lesson to collect work and resources in. Leave them on the teacher’s desk unless stated otherwise. Make sure all chairs are put back under the desk and the room is left tidy.

Just before the bell for the end of the lesson sounds, ask pupils to stand behind the chairs quietly with their coats and bags on. Let them go when you’re happy to let them go not when they want to.

Lessons before break, lunch and the end of the day can be used to keep pupils behind for valid reasons such as sending a pupil out of your lesson, not working, being rude and so on. You can only keep a pupil for 10 mins at the end of a school day and if you keep them at break or lunch ensure you give them enough time to be able to go to the toilet and get food.

At the end of the school day, ensure you see the person in charge of supply or cover and pass on any information they gave you when you arrived.

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