Flourish Education's Cover Supervisor Training

Posted by on Apr 25th 2017


We would never send a candidate into a secondary school as a cover supervisor without training!

We've put together a training package for candidates (graduates and those they have some experience of working in schools) that want to work in education within a secondary school environment.

The best person to do this job? Our main man, his name is Dan.

Dan has recently joined Flourish Education as an Education Recruitment Consultant, but prior to this, he had over 9 years experience as a cover manager and cover supervisor. We believe that there's no one better qualified to help put together a training programe to benefit our candidates.

The cover supervisor courses that we've run over the holiday have been an outstanding success. Many candidates have commentated on how engaging, informative and useful the courses have been.

If you're a school looking for a cover supervisor or you would like to enquire about working in a secondary school environment, please get in touch with our main office on 0300 303 3227.

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