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Posted by on Apr 25th 2017


There's obvious benefits to being a teacher

The extensive holiday teachers enjoy to being able to leave your footprint on today's youth are well known, but there are a number of perks to the role that many don't initially think about. Here are eight great perks to working as a teacher, showing why you should get into teaching in 2017!

Clear opportunities to progress

One of the fantastic parts of being a teacher is the ability to progress into different and interesting parts of the industry. Roles like departmental heads, head of year, form tutor and heading up school programmes like Gifted and Talented or community outreach schemes give you the opportunity to diversify your role, giving your job new dimensions. Keeping the work you do varied and interesting is a great step towards a happy work life, and gives every NQT something to aim for.

Chances to be in extra-curricular activities

Another way to diversify your role is to assist in activities that aren’t part of every day teaching. Extra curricular activities don’t just have to be for the kids, and as a teacher you can make your passions the passions of children, too! Whether it’s a passion for table tennis, chess or foreign language films, giving you and interested students an opportunity to pursue these passions is a great perk to teaching.

Self- respect and respect from others

At face value, this can be seen as hubristic – but teachers are a vital part of society and our culture, so feeling pride over your occupation shouldn’t be something to be ashamed of! Being able to do something you’re proud of day in day out will often be the small motivation you need to get through some of the bad days.

It can be a door opener to other careers

Many people view teaching as a single track towards retirement. For some, that is an encouraging thought, being able to teach their whole lives is all they want to do. However, sometimes we get to a stage in our life where change is needed, and being a teacher is a great platform from which one can shift in career. Plenty of ex teachers work in the backroom of schools, in academia, in politics or a host of other professions because of the core experiences they had when they were a teacher.

Chance to flex your creativity

Both teachers and students get bored by formulaic lessons. Droning from a textbook every day or filling out endless worksheets isn’t engaging for anyone in the classroom. However, as a teacher, you have the chance to rectify that. Clever use of teaching tools and creativity, such as this novel way of teaching fractions with Lego, are a great way to keep everyone on their toes in the classroom.

The light bulb moment

Linked to keeping your teaching interesting, there is something indescribably warming about the look in a student’s eyes when they eventually catch onto a concept you’re trying to teach them. It’s a feeling that’s hard to put into words, but anyone who’s ever felt it knows how addicting it can be!

Reducing the headache when having kids

Everyone knows about teachers’ hours (for better or worse!), but an often overlooked facet of teaching is that your schedule will synchronise well with your children’s time at school. Taking marking home to cut down on childcare costs is a huge help financially, and while kids may not be a short term prospect for you, having this option for further into life is something to be cherished.

The take home pay

Teachers are in demand! Newly Qualified Teachers in England and Wales earn a wage that rises incrementally up to £32,187 a year. Alongside the many opportunities to move forward in this career, teaching can offer a secure, steady and surprisingly large wage packet. Alongside this, there is a well documented shortage of new teachers in the UK, so those who are qualified are walking into a job market with the cards in their favour.

Does all this sound encouraging to you?

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