Holiday Pay Guide for PAYE Supply Teachers

Posted by JamieScott on Jan 26th 2022

Holiday Pay Guide Uuur

Frequently Asked Questions on Holiday Pay 

Flourish education operate PAYE, Limited and Umbrella Company Solutions for payment of candidates work. If you work through Flourish Education’s PAYE payment system then the FAQs below apply to you. If you work through an Umbrella or Limited company, you will receive your holiday entitlement through them.

How does Flourish Education’s PAYE holiday system work?​

All candidates that are paid through our PAYE system accrue holiday at 12.07% of the rate which is on their booking confirmation. Candidates must get their timesheets in before 09:00am on Monday following the week of work. This is then paid when requested, once you have accrued enough for half a day’s holiday.

When does our holiday year run from and to?

Our Holiday year runs from September 1st to August 31st.

Can I ask for holiday pay without actually having holiday?

Holiday must only be paid when taken. It cannot be paid whilst working or over weekends.

Can I carry over holiday entitlement to the next holiday year?

Holiday pay must be taken in the year it was accrued, so if you do not take it, you will lose it.

What if I haven't accrued enough holiday entitlement?

Candidates can only take holiday they have accrued and they need to have accrued a minimum of half a day’s holiday. Holiday pay is subject to normal tax and NI deductions when paid out. Candidates cannot take more than 5 days in any given week.

How do I book holiday?

Holiday needs to be requested a minimum of one week in advance. We need to have received email confirmation by Friday 5pm to either your consultant or our payroll department. This will be paid a week in arrears.

Can I book holiday in term time?

Yes, all candidates can book holiday in and out of term time, as long as they do not work on the requested holiday day and have accrued the correct amount of holiday.

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