Secondary Teacher Transition to Primary Education Training

Posted by on Apr 25th 2017


At Flourish Education we treat CPD seriously

Karl is one of our best Teachers and has worked in education for over 28 years. He worked as a Science Teacher and Head of Department for 14 years, before going on supply. Whilst on supply, Karl tried teaching in primary education and in his own words - 'absolutely loved it'!

Karl now only works in primary schools and always gets asked back, wherever he goes. Secondary school teachers regularly ask us tif they can try out primary schools, but in our view, we wouldn't send them into a different setting without training. Our clients wouldn't like it and the teachers would feel they'd been set up to fail.

We asked Karl to put together a training day on this subject, as he has already made the best transition. We tried it, and we're delighted to report that it was a great success.

Many of the Secondary teachers on the course commented on how informative it was and how different secondary education is to primary education. They discussed issues on the training day that would usually not cross their minds as secondary school teachers. For instance, staying later to ensure all marking is done - this doen't normally happen in a secondary school.

It really was a great day. It gave our candidates another string to their bow. We'll be sure to put it on again in the near future! Please get in touch with Flourish Education if you are looking for all types of education work.

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