Should schools teach pupils about same sex couples?

Posted by Gavin on Feb 28th 2019


In the news recently, there has been an article on Ofsted saying that schools should teach pupils about same-sex couples and as an education recruitment agency we feel as though we should express our views on this.

The article suggested that all children must learn about same-sex couples regardless of their religious background, the head of Ofsted says. However when this was decided hundreds of parents protested outside a school located in Birmingham and was against it teaching pupils about same-sex couples and gender identity.

The chief inspector at Ofsted further argued that it is crucial children are exposed to differences in society and that is important that they know “there are families that have two mummies and two daddies”.

However it was then believed that more protests were being planned and some parents have said that they would write to the governments themselves demanding a change in equality legislation.

At Flourish Education, we respect everybody’s views and opinions, both non-religious and religious. We believe that children should be educated on the world we live in and be able to understand and accept the choices of those around them.

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