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Posted by on Jun 14th 2018

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You're Never Too Old - #lovetolearn

Are you looking to get back into learning for the first time since school, college or university? The Festival of Learning, previously known as the Adult Learners' Week, is an annual celebration of lifelong learning in the UK.The festival encourages adults to venture upon new knowledge and experiences of which they can make use of on a daily basis. 

What makes the festival so special?

This isn't your ordinary annual festival. The Adult Learners' Week gathers some of the best private and public organisations around the nation to advocate taster events. They also initiate outreach activities and short courses for adults coming from all walks of life.

So if you're thinking about having a go at something new such as starting your own business, getting into university or landing your dream job, what better time to start learning new things?

The goal of the celebration is to boost adults' passion towards learning. It doesn't matter what their background is for as long as they are willing to give education another shot. The Festival of Learning begins on June 18th and June 24th 2018. So, mark your calendars and get ready for a new enriching experience.

“The importance of learning means that today is the start of the next 25 years, continuing to make the case for adult education and continuing to make the case to get more people into learning.” – Stephen Evans, CEO Learning and Work Institute

Celebrating adult learners' stories

It's really important to think about using rewards and even just nomination people for rewards as a way of recognising people in an organisation. Sometimes just the act of nominating whether or not somebody wins and telling them you've nominated them is very motivational. It's an extra boost to their confidence and a validation of their learning journey.

Turning lives around for the better

We shouldn't just stop learning when we leave school or college, learning new skills can benefit you throughout your whole life. Learning isn't just something that happens in a classroom. It can be about doing something in the community, it can be about learning something online. There's a whole different range of ways that adults can access learning. 

Offering prisoners a chance through education

Education can help with the rehabilitation of prisoners and ex offenders. Access to learning can help prisoners improve their reading and writing and learn new skills - giving them the chance to gain qualifications and certifications in order to gain employment, instead of falling back into a life of crime after they're released.

Learning about new technology

The elderly should avoid being left behind with new technology such as email, Skype, surfing the internet and social media. Learning step by step and at their own pace is the best way for seniors to get to grips with new technology and develop their computer skills. Learning to communicate to friends and family via the internet can help the elderly to feel more connected to society and reduce loneliness. Here are some classes and courses from ageUK.

Train to become a teacher

There are many programmes encouraging fresh graduates to enter the teaching profession, but what about seasoned professionals? Luckily, there are various routes into a teaching career. It's never to late to change careers and train to become a primary or secondary school teacher.

What are Supply Teachers?

Supply teachers fill in during the absences of permanent teachers. They take temporary teaching contracts at different schools, regardless of whether it's primary, secondary, or other educational institutions. They have mostly the same functions as other teachers with permanent contracts. They encourage learning, give feedback, and may prepare students during examinations. A supply teacher works on a freelance basis unless they accept a permanent job offer from a certain school. Therefore, a supply teacher's schedule can be frequently adjusted depending on a school's timetable.

Do you have what it takes?

As a supply teacher, you will need to learn how to be adaptable; after all, you can work with various teaching institutions. Who knows, this might be your chance of having a career as a teacher? It wouldn't hurt to give it a try.

Discover new opportunities if you participate during The Festival of Learning

There's a lot of training courses out there to try. Sandwell College is celebrating The Festival of Learning by offering taster sessions and providing new opportunities! You can expand your knowledge while you expand your social network. The festival is for everyone to try something new."Nothing valuable can be lost by taking time." - Abraham Lincoln.
So, what better way to spend your time than by learning new things?

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