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Posted by on May 10th 2018

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Preparing for parents evening as an NQT  

• Be prepared: make some brief notes about each child. Include the appointment time, parental names, main targets and a space to write any important notes discussed during the meeting. Also consider if translators will be needed and organise any additional support for the meeting and plan in a few minutes break every few meetings.

• Be organised: have any assessment information, including recent results and achievements, copies of school reports and samples of work easily to hand.

• Watch the clock: ensure you know how long each meeting is to last and have a clock visible to aid time keeping.

• Drink: ensure you have a drink of water to hand throughout the evening. Also try to get a couple of hot drinks and a small snack when possible.

Start and end on a positive

• Try to start and end each meeting on a positive. Say something positive about the child to begin the meeting (for example how well the child has settled into class, recent results or achievements etc) and also end on a positive note.

• Ask if parents have any questions: towards the start of the meeting, ask the parents if they have any questions or would like anything clarified. This enables any main points to be covered quickly.

• No surprises: discuss ongoing concerns as they arise not just at parents' evening. During the meeting the progress or recent developments can then be discussed.

• Concluding the meetings: plan a way to signal the end if each meeting e.g. thank the parents for coming and suggest making an appointment for another time if there are other points to discuss. Standing up can also be a good indication to a parent that the meeting is about to end.

• Support: know which colleagues are around to provide support during the evening or to refer parents to, should the need arise.

• Review: after the meetings, review what was discussed and follow up on any points of action discussed.

Best of luck . . .

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