What Non-Teaching Jobs Can I Do?

Posted by on Jun 4th 2018

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Available Non-Teaching Jobs in Schools

Are you looking for work in schools but you are not a graduate of any teaching course? Keep asking yourself, “what non-teaching jobs can I do?” Don’t worry because there are plenty of non-teaching jobs in schools you can apply besides a teaching position.

The education sector has many non-teaching opportunities you can explore. Without non-teaching jobs, schools won’t have the support that school teachers need to guide students. You can take on these jobs in schools, non-teaching roles like administration, teacher aides, and facilities management. If you’d like a job in education, here are some of the non-teaching jobs you can apply for:


Every school needs personnel to handle administration. The admin handles many tasks such as:

  • Photocopying and filing
  • Handling emails and calls
  • Handling the school budget
  • Managing student data

Most often, this job requires you to have at least average IT skills. When you manage student data, you are likely to use data management software that necessitates skills in handling computers.

This non-teaching education job can be hectic. You will have many things to do. Most of the time, new tasks come while you are still working on a task at hand. This makes it a tough job that often requires experience. 

Cover Supervisor

Sometimes in the absence of a teacher a cover supervisor will monitor a lesson.Tasks include:

  • Covering a form period/registration
  • Classroom management - keep noise to a minimal
  • Setting work left by the class teacher
  • Distributing resources to the class
  • Collecting work and resources 

In general the role of a Cover Supervisor is to ensure that the pupils continue to follow the schools behaviour policy. You are not there to teach them, you are there to “guide” them through the lesson.

Teaching Assistant or HLTA

This is great if you like working with kids. Your work as a teaching assistant can differ from school to school, but it likely includes:

  • Helping set up classroom before lessons
  • Helping clear the classroom after lessons
  • Administration
  • Helping to keep records and plan activities
  • Helping students when tasks are difficult
  • Develop and acquire resources
  • Supervising children in group works, etc.

Qualifications, training, and experience requirements vary depending on your specialisation, school, or country. However, you can expect that this non-teaching school job needs you to have GCSE English and Maths.

Lab Technicians

Another common educational non-teaching job you can apply for is a lab technician. It’s perfect if you have an interest in science as this job entails you to support science teachers in demonstrations and experiments.

As a lab technician, your responsibilities usually include:

  • Demonstrating experiments to students
  • Taking care of lab equipment
  • Making sure materials and chemicals are stocked properly
  • Making sure the classroom has the necessary equipment for class and experiments 
  • Making sure the students understand and follow health and safety rules within the lab

A lab technician’s contact with the student differs based on the responsibilities conferred to you by the science teacher. Usually, this non-teaching job requires you to have pertinent science A-levels. As for higher qualifications, lab techs aren’t generally required to have them. But getting the job will be easier if you have a degree or an HND. It will greatly help your application if you do.

Dress codes for schools are in general

  • Smart dress code/ interview wear
  • Men – suit, jumper, shirt, tie, shoes
  • Women – knee length skirt/ dress, trousers, suitable top, suitable shoes
  • Both – Tattoos not on show, 1 pair of earring's (as a general rule)

There are two categories of non-teaching jobs in schools. They are either entry-level positions or promotional non-teaching positions. Entry level non-teaching jobs usually include administrative officers, teacher aides, etc. On the other hand, promotional non-teaching positions often include therapy roles and business services managers. If you’re planning to apply to a non-teaching job, you can usually find details on the school's directory.

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