Education Recruitment Consultant - Holly

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Holly talks about her career at Flourish Education

Many of our candidates hear about Flourish Education via word of mouth. Our teachers recommend other teachers because we can find them the work that they want, with excellent rates of pay, in areas they are happy to travel to. We have a friendly, personable approach with both our candidates and schools. All the education consultants in the office put real effort into getting to know the people that they'll be working with. When I contact a school, I always aim to find out what they need, what they're looking for and how I can really help and provide value.

Education Recruiter - Holly

Q1. What’s your story/background?

After finishing a English degree last year I applied for a recruitment role merely because a friend had recommended it was a good job to help pay off my student debts! However I completely fell in love with the career and I started my journey with Flourish Education in August after completing a year at another company recruiting for fashion!

Q2. What motivates you and why?

I am motivated by the candidates and clients I work with! I love to meet new people and to build new relationship, therefore my clients and candidates become more like friends, and helping them out majorly motivates me to do well!

Q3. What do you like about working at Flourish Education?

As corny as it sounds my team are my family away from home, I love that the team are friendly and always eager to help, I look forward to creating many memories with these guys!

Q4. How can you help candidates find a job?

Part of the way I work is to build strong lasting relationships, by having these connections with schools, I am able to introduce my candidates with a warmer approach.

Q5. What area and roles do you specialise in?

Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent schools – Teaching and non-teaching staff.

Q6. What advice do you have for candidates in their education career?

Always offer to go above and beyond, helping out that little bit more is always noticed by schools!

Q7. What are your Interests and hobbies outside of work?

I love spending time with my family, I have such a big family I can’t physically remember how many cousins I have!

Education Recruitment Consultant | West Midlands Team | T: 01782 958 063 | F: 0121 274 0202 | E: Connect with me on LinkedIn

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