How we attract the best talent


Are you finding it increasingly difficult or time-consuming to recruit teachers and support staff?

Education sector recruitment can be hard work. Hurdles include budget limitations, shrinking candidate pools and having to appeal to newly qualified teachers each year – and with the rise of digital marketing channels, marketing your educational institution effectively is becoming even more competitive and complex. Flourish Education can provide quality candidates and an added value service. We can help schools by removing the need for them to commit time reviewing CVs, doing background checks and requesting references on candidates, which removes the onus from the school to do a lot of the work, as well as marketing.

Competition for good teachers is making recruitment a more challenging process than it was just a few years ago. By embracing online technology, and utilising the benefits of a recruitment specialist can open doors to qualified candidates that schools may otherwise miss the chance to find. This is why we believe that education recruitment agencies will continue to have an important role to play, not least in delivering illness cover and maternity cover as well as permanent and contract placements.

How Flourish Education can partner with you and supply talented teachers

We invest a considerable amount of time and resources on various activities such as advertising, paid search and digital marketing which probably explains why we can deliver quality supply teachers, that schools struggle to reach for themselves.

Considering key timings throughout the school year

We sit down as a team and look at when in the year to best plan or review our recruitment strategy, also allowing plenty of time for taking decisive action. For example, May is exam season and a busy time to recruit exam invigilators. Recommended timings for preparing for the new academic year is in June and getting ready for the new financial year and spring term in November. 


Job boards and teacher job websites

We advertise teaching jobs on numerous relevant online job boards that cater specifically to teachers. This is a great way to reach the highest number of active job seekers. Posting jobs online also has the added benefit of generally being more cost effective than traditional methods, like newspaper print ads or hiring fairs.

Networking at education events and conferences

We often attend bursar conferences, education shows and headteacher meetings such as NAHT. We also host our own open day registration events to recruit new candidates.​ Our primary, secondary and SEND recruitment consultants will also regularly get out and about to venues to meet potential candidates, nearer their home or place of work.

Flourishing relationships with local colleges and universities 

​Flourish Education have established links with local further education institutions to enable us to register grass roots talent locally to your school. We regularly go to open days at universities including Staffordshire University, Wolverhampton University, Newman University, Birmingham City University, Worcestershire University and Keele University to name a few.


Putting in the effort to rank well and be found on search engines

When NQTs, teachers and teaching assistants are researching suitable education jobs online, it’s essential that we’re in a prominent spot. As Google is the most popular search engine, investment in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and useful content is an effective way to help drive 'free' traffic to our website. There's a huge amount of relevant competition, so it’s important that we stay up-to-date with the latest online trends and maintain an effective and intuitive website.

Understanding and using social media effectively

Candidates now expect schools and teaching agencies to have a strong social media presence across key channels, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Being actively present on these channels, on a regular basis, helps us to stay top of mind, engage with prospective candidates, share teaching job vacancies and our news to a wider audience.

Great teachers often refer other great teachers to work for us

Our biggest strength, and what we have built our entire company on, is our reputation. Candidates are often referring friends and colleagues to us because of our customer service, friendly helpful staff and our willingness to go the extra mile by listening to what they need. We operate a 'Refer a Friend' Bonus Scheme. If any of our teachers friends or colleagues are referred to us, it could be a win-win situation for everyone. If referrals successfully register with us, work a minimum of 10 days, we'll then reward the referrer with the sum of £100.

"I find that Flourish Education is a friendly, efficient and professionally run agency that meets all of my demands. They are good at what they do, and keep me regularly employed. They are comprehensive in keeping me informed of my assignments, providing me with all the details I need to do my job. They are also concerned enough to welcome feedback. Thoroughly recommended.” - Tony Foley

​Print and creative outreach efforts

Print isn't dead there are some very relevant trade publications that are specifically written for educators, parents and carers. We subscribe (and advertise in) to numerous education magazines to read about topics, education sector news, government legislation and guidance written by experts throughout the year. 

Our main focus and investment is through online advertising and posting job vacancies online but we do concentrate on elements of the traditional marketing mix as well. Both current and past campaigns have included radio broadcasts, charity fundraising, event sponsorship and billboards in and around busy city centre locations.

We're keen to give something back to support our local schools and communities - Flourish Education has happily donated mountain bikes to help promote healthy living and attendance at schools.


​Seeing a return on investment and attracting the best teaching talent

Our combined marketing efforts are constantly growing the database of quality teaching job seekers. Registered candidates can apply securely online, re-visit at any stage to update their details and CV with us. Our recruitment system software automatically sends customised job-alerts by email, informing candidates of new vacancies which match their criteria. The Flourish Education CRM system is an especially important tool for our education recruitment consultants to reach out and engage with prospective candidates.

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