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Jamie talks about her career at Flourish Education

I recently joined Flourish as the Marketing Manager, so have only just set out on my journey with the company. It’s already been a vast learning curve for me, and I love it. Since I started, I’ve seen so many of our team personify what it means to be helpful. Everyone in this business goes beyond the normal ‘call of duty’.

Jamie Scott

What’s your story/background?

I studied Communication at university and have always been fascinated by storytelling. My passion is in finding the connections between people and the surrounding world, and I’m always trying to learn new things.  Whether it’s language, life skills or marketing practices - I’m constantly exploring how to improve what I ‘know’.

I’m originally from California and when I was studying, I intended to become a teacher.  Then I met my partner, moved to the UK and started working in marketing.  My first proper job here was working for a steel partitioning company. In fact, most of my marketing experience is with manufacturers, which is a far cry from the education sector. What fascinates me though, is that I’ve ended up here anyway.  I’ve found a dream job working in education recruitment. The stars must’ve finally aligned.

What motivates you and why?

It sounds so cliché now I’ve talked about helping people, but that is what I live for.  In business, if what I’m doing isn’t helpful to others (my team or my target market), then there’s no point doing it. In life, if I see someone struggling, I can’t not help. I subscribe to the concept of ‘They Ask, You Answer’ so if someone has a question, be it a customer, colleague or friend, it’s my job to answer it.

What do you like about working at Flourish Education?

There is a definite team spirit here and we’re all encouraged to work hard on the understanding there are benefits for doing so. Of course, we’re incentivised for achieving our targets, but the best thing of all is that if we don’t hit them, instead of being punished we get supported. There is a culture of development at Flourish, so if we need help to develop our skills in a particular area, the leadership provides it. They really do look after us too and live up to their word on maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

What’s your take on how the pandemic has affected education recruitment and how has Flourish supported you during these challenging times?

The pandemic has had a profound effect on education in general and particularly recruitment.  Everyone is facing altogether new and different challenges caused by the added stress of Covid.  Teachers and support staff are over-subscribed, schools are under-staffed, students are missing out on their learning experiences, the economy and budgets are under pressure – everywhere we look the pandemic touches it all. The only thing we can do is ‘keep on keeping on’.

I’ve joined the business at the back end of the pandemic, but I see how hard the leadership works to keep staff safe and sane.  They monitor government guidelines and adhere strictly to advice on social distancing, providing us with the means to adequately maintain it. And importantly, they check in with us regularly to ensure we’re all ok. I truly feel they care about my health and wellbeing.

How can you help candidates find a job?

Although I’m not directly customer-facing, my remit is to provide helpful (there’s that word again), insightful tools for clients and candidates to use in their daily lives.  These tools will help clients and candidates see the benefits of working with Flourish as an agency and should support them into practice when they’re on the job.

What area and roles do you specialise in?

As a marketing manager, I enjoy the creative aspect of my job.  I am a branding specialist, so I enjoy shaping the new Flourish corporate identity and creating new digital graphics for our social media channels and website.

What advice do you have for candidates in their education career?

My best piece of advice for candidates looking to work for Flourish, is to always think about how you’re representing yourself externally. That means presenting your ‘best face’ to your client (the school you work for) and your customer (the students) and acting in a professional manner.  Think about the service you’re providing and treat others how you’d like to be treated.  We all have bad days sometimes, but the customer doesn’t need to know that!

What are your Interests and hobbies outside of work?

I have a passion for crafting and a love for music and animals. I love working with polymer clay to make jewellery and have recently bought a Cricut machine to start learning the art of die cutting.  I’m never happier than when I’m tinkering in my craft cabinet (or sitting with the cat on my lap)!

I met my partner through a mutual love of music.  We enjoy going to gigs (and can’t wait until normal service resumes with live events). One of my ‘special skills’ is finding song lyrics to fit a situation or conversation. If someone says something that makes me think of a song, I’ll often randomly start singing it. Because I’m into indie music and sometimes obscure references, I do get some funny looks.  But it’s all about creating those connections! Even if it’s just in my own head!

Marketing Manager | T: 0300 303 3227 | E: jamie@flourisheducation.co.uk | Connect with me on LinkedIn

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