Michael - Supply Teacher

Flourish Education Testimonials

Flourish Education and my Consultant Amy are excellent in all respects.

"Flourish is a very professional organisation which looks after its staff. It provides a personal service with its members and keeps in touch. Members are well consulted as to the types of work they wish to engage in and the agency makes every effort to accommodate the wishes of the people who work for Flourish. As a supply teacher I fell that I am valued by the organisation and well looked after. I am always happy to talk to the staff and feel I receive a warm and friendly but also very professional welcome from the staff” Michael - Supply Teacher

"It's my last day working for Flourish Education! While I am of course thrilled to have landed a permanent position at Cape, I am feeling a little sad that I'm no longer going to be working for you. When I decided to leave my last job it was a massive gamble as I had never worked as a supply teacher before and there was a massive fear I would be out of work for a prolonged period. But it's worked out tremendously and I owe much (if not all) of that to yourselves. You were the ONLY agency that promised to get me in work from day 1 and delivered. Many agencies (no names mentioned) happily took me on and then never got in touch again. Ever!

Anyway, I won't waffle on. I just want to say, thank you so much for everything. This term has been a real journey and I am very grateful indeed for all the help you have offered me. Who knows, I may be in contact again in the future. If not, I shall certainly be recommending your services to anyone who needs directing towards an agency." Chris

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