Our Top Tips for Writing a CV

Recent research suggests that recruiters and prospective employers spend 6-8 seconds looking at your CV before they decide whether you are suitable for their vacancy or not so it is important your CV stands out from the rest.

Here are our top tips on how to ensure your CV stands out from the crowd:

Top tips for writing a CV
  • Keep it brief – no more than 2 A4 pages however depending on your experience it could be as short as one A4 page but never longer than 3.
  • Save it as a PDF – then your CV can’t be accidentally altered. 
  • CV Style and Layout – ensure your headings are clearly labelled and a slightly larger font than the main body. Use a clear font like Arial, Tahoma or Calibri and the main body font should be no bigger than 12 point. Ensure the styling is consistent throughout.
  • Ask someone else to proofread it – always ask someone else to read your CV before you send it out. Get them to check for spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and any glaring mistakes with dates etc. These are the things you can easily miss if you proof read your own work/
  • Keywords – recruiters and employers search regularly online for CV’s. Ensure they can find yours. If your most recent job title could also have another job title then include that and any abbreviations within your CV.  e.g School Administrator is also known as admin assistant, receptionist and in certain areas a Teaching Assistant is known as a Learning Support Assistant or Learning Support Practitioner.  
  • Taylor your CV to each job – this may seem time consuming but simple tweaks, prioritsing your skills to the job role will increase your chances of being invited for an interview.
  • Explain gaps in your employment – leaving gaps in your employment can make recruiters suspicious. You can usually put a positive spin on gaps in your employment and it’s always best to be open and transparent about this.

Find out what to include in your CV here.

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