Types of education recruitment


The importance of getting education recruitment right

For any school, recruitment is a crucial part of developing and maintaining effective teaching teams. Employers in all sectors get swamped with CV’s from eager candidates without the relevant skills required and often CV’s get dumped in a pile, unless every requirement of the job is ticked. Schools often lack the time and/or the experience to effectively screen candidates. A good recruitment strategy will dramatically cut down the wastage of time and money, which would have incurred for extensive training and development of unqualified resources.

When the recruitment process runs smoothly, overtime, the school or organisation gets happier and more productive employees. Teaching and education staff attrition rates reduce and a constructive workplace environment with good employee relationships is built.

Education recruitment agencies such as Flourish Education have become an important part of most school recruitment strategies in the UK. We can help meet your school's strategic recruitment goals and objectives by managing the process of sourcing, screening, shortlisting and selecting the right candidates for your required teaching positions.

We offer the following types of recruitment for education:

  • Day to Day Supply
  • Long Term Supply ​
  • Temporary to Permanent 
  • Permanent

We have found that Headteachers and other school leaders enjoy the reduced administration costs and time wasted when hiring through teaching agencies. They also appreciate the benefits of hiring pre-vetted, top quality agency staff through Flourish Education.

Day to Day Supply Teachers

Every day Flourish Education staff receive morning requests from schools for supply teachers to cover short term absence – anything from one or two days for sickness to one or two weeks. For our teachers who do not wish to commit to a long term teaching position, prefer a variety of different schools or simply don’t want to work every day, day to day supply teaching is an ideal option.

Long Term supply Teachers

Schools always need qualified teachers to cover unfilled vacancies, maternity leave or long term absences. Such posts can last anywhere between six weeks to a whole academic year. As experienced recruiters, we're well equipped to identify worthwhile recruits and supply the best possible candidates.

Temporary to Permanent Teachers

Many schools now like to try a teacher on supply first which is beneficial for everyone; the school does not waste valuable resources and time making a bad recruitment decision and the teacher knows after a few weeks if the school and position is what they're looking for.

Permanent Teachers

Flourish Education can assist you to fill your permanent teaching vacancies or higher level positions. Our education recruitment consultants have a deep knowledge of the schools in the areas they cover and know what works with each school.Yes there tends to be agency fees however, advertising can be very expensive and time consuming, and employing someone who is not right for the school can be far more expensive than an agency perm fee.

Flourish Education can supply staff across all key stages and subject areas 


Proud of the work and the service we provide to our clients

​As an education recruitment agency Flourish Education is proud of the work we do with schools and teachers, charging and paying fairly. We are pleased to be constructively supporting teaching and learning. Speak to a Flourish Education consultant about which type of recruitment method is best for you.

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