Grant Taylor - Managing Director

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Grant talks about his career at Flourish Education

When Louise and I started Flourish Education, our mission was to service our schools and help candidates without the shackles of working for a large corporate organisation. Safeguarding was at the forefront of everything, obviously with Louise and I having children, it's really important to us. 

What's probably unique about Flourish Education is that the staff we employ in our offices are individuals, there's no carbon copy of a Flourish Education recruitment consultant. We just like to do things a little bit different. We listen carefully to clients and we're totally transparent with our pricing because we've got nothing to hide. It's been a sometimes bumpy but fantastic ride so far and we're positive that we'll continue to flourish.

Flourish Education Director - Grant

Q1. What’s your story/background?

After university, I started working for the world's largest recruiter and I've been in the recruitment industry for 15 years now. We started Flourish Education back in 2010. Louise and I wanted to create a company that was not like the companies that we'd worked for. A company that was not always about the bottom line but was more about the quality of service that we could provide for our schools and candidates. 

Q2. What motivates you and why?

What motivates me is having a happy team and a happy work life balance. We work hard and play hard but it's important that everyone get the right balance. Sometimes in this day and age people can be too focused on work and that doesn't necessarily make for a happy life, or motivate someone to jump out of bed in the morning.

Q3. What do you like about working at Flourish Education?

I love that everyday seems different at Flourish Education but my main focus is on mentoring the staff we have, dealing with any issues as well as liaising with our suppliers and schools. 

Q4. How can you help candidates find a job?

Right from the start where we listen to our candidates and what they are looking for. We have established relationships with schools because we're approachable, reliable and we listen. A lot of recruiters go wrong by not enough listening, too much talking.

Q5. What area and roles do you specialise in?

It's only recently that I've come off a desk myself. I like to lead from the front. I'm a very hands on manager and I prefer to be out in the main office with the recruitment consultants, helping them, giving them advice and coaching.

Q6. What advice do you have for candidates in their education career?

A good Flourish Education candidate is someone who is presentable and passionate about teaching - they want to go into supply teaching for the flexibility of educating children. 

Q7. What are your Interests and hobbies outside of work?

Like most people, I appreciate spending time with my friends, family and socialising. I'm interested in taking up Yoga and I enjoy going for a long run on the treadmill, on the roads, or through the parks around Birmingham.

Sales Director | West Midlands Team | T: 0300 303 3227 | F: 0121 274 0202 | E: Grant@flourisheducation.co.uk Connect with me on LinkedIn

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