The need for higher skilled education and healthcare roles will help offset the millions of jobs likely to be lost to technology by 2035, a research paper released today shows.

Thursday, October 13, 2022

This morning, The National Foundation For Education Research (NFER) have published their second working paper, The Skills Imperative 2035: Occupational Outlook – Long run employment prospects for the UK, which has been funded by the Nuffield Foundation.

The research, from the Warwick Institute for Employment Research and Cambridge Econometrics, looked at changes to the structure of employment and the implications for the UK labour market in the period up to 2035.

This research suggests a fundamental change in employment prospects by 2035 with millions of jobs likely to be lost to technology due to the application of artificial intelligence (AI) and technological automation.

However the report also highlights that these job losses will be offset with the need for higher skilled, Education and Healthcare roles.

The latest research looked at where the largest labour market opportunities and training requirements will arise in the period to 2035 and also which occupations will see the largest decline by 2035

The top 5 predicted fastest growing occupations are:

  1. Higher Level Teaching Assistants
  2. Veterinary Nurses
  3. Early Education and childcare practitioners
  4. Youth and community workers
  5. Child and Early Years Officers

The 5 predicted occupations that will see the biggest decline are:

  1. Legal Secretaries
  2. Company secretaries and administrators
  3. Personal Assistants
  4. Typists and related keyboard occupations
  5. School secretaries

The NFER hopes to use this research to:

  • establish who is most at risk of not acquiring the necessary skills and being excluded from the labour market; and examine the potential welfare implications;
  • investigate how these skills can be developed through the education system and other mechanisms.


You can read more about the The Skills Imperative 2035: Essential skills for tomorrow’s workforce here.