Holiday Pay Explained!

Flourish Education Teaching Supply Agency Holiday pay explained graphic with a signpost of different countries

We regularly get queries about how holiday pay is accrued if you have opted to be paid by us via PAYE. On this Page, Ellen – our Office Manager explains how you accrue your holiday pay and how to request your holiday pay.

Holiday Pay Explained!

If you have decided to be paid PAYE – you will automatically be enrolled in our holiday pay scheme to accrue holiday pay.

This means that 14.36% of your daily rate will be deducted and put into your “holiday pot”.

You can request to be paid your holiday pay for any day that you are not working - Monday to Friday, but this request must be done at least one week in advance. 

To request your holiday pay – you must email with the amount you wish to be paid, at least a week in advance and include the date (this must be a Friday) you wish to be paid for this holiday. 

If you have any further questions about holiday pay, please call Ellen or Jess on 0300 3033227